I used to love reading Angst fanfiction but with all the BOTFA stuff going around I’m just like

They must be kept in burrito blanket at all times

no harm must come

only warmth and happiness 

Having Fili back as my tumblr Mobil background is like coming home


randomly remembering the ending of the hobbit


Okay but asexual Bilbo Baggins

preview of the BSAU line of durin line up

I’m going to do some Boarding School Character Bios

skydiveoffisengard said: Just wanted to say that AU Boarding School Fíli reminds me of Anders Johnson. ^-^

Haha they have the same hairstyle but Fili is way less of a dick


Headcanon that Dis can out drink anyone!

Kiliel sketch for yakisobaru
this would be when they first meet each other at the beach, Kili went to go get some ice cream for him and his brother and runs into Taruiel who plays for the volleyball team for the Mirkwood school, they accidentally bump into each other and start talking. 
Kili is freaking out a little cause “omg a girl is talking to me, me and not my brother” precious bby, too bad your from rival schools and your parents/guardians hate each other
yes that Fili and Legolas in the background.