MTPC Day 2 ~ Sokka and Toph - AtLA- Brotp (slight otp)
Look at me only 2 drawings in and I’m already 3 days behind.
Most of you probably don’t know this but I’m a HUGE AtLA fan
like Tattoo on my back, whole dvd collection, it changed my life kind of fan.
I have watched the show since the day that it came out and it helped me survive Middle School and some of High School. I always loved these two and I remember sitting in my living room during the season Finale and watching all the Toph and Sokka momments. It’s really sweet how much Sokka feels like he has to take care of Toph and even though she won’t admit it she really enjoys his company and it’s just a lovely brotp. Though I have to admit the fact that Toph had a crush on him does make me ship it at times XD

I miss Avatar