Anonymous asked for Castiel and Pallet 12 

It was difficult but fun

Season 10 plot: Cas and Crowley fight for Deans affections and Sam drinks himself into a pit.

After what happened to Dean in the season finale I just screamed Cas through the entirety of the last commercial break

We were family once…

Dear Supernatural fandom

19. February 2014

Who do you want back more?
Adam or Kevin?

Anonymous said: I'm a little late to TMI tuesday but... What is the most romantic thing someone has ever said to you?


Well I told my boyfriend the other night that I had a dream that he was crying cause I had died

and he just looked me dead in the eye and said

"No I wouldn’t, because I’d just hunt down Dean Winchester and have him help me bring you back."

Only in the Supernatural fandom do we hate angels more than demons

"don’t worry honey there are angels watching over you"
"ew no thank you they’re complete dicks"
"give me a demon with a good business plan"

Siblings with books and Mystical beings. 
What could possibly go wrong?